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What do you do when


the only person in the world that could ever make you feel better about things is the person that fucked them up in the first place? When you gave everything to someone who not only threw you away once, but a second time, like you’re nothing? When you feel like there will be no way you’re going to be the same again? What am I supposed to do with the million pieces I’m shattered into? How am I going to put myself together again after this, when I feel so alone? What am I going to do?

What I’ve come to realize today:




  • Never complain about how much your legs hurt from walking so much because there are people who are paralyzed/in wheel chairs who would give anything to be able to walk at least 5 steps.
  • Never complain about how much your eyes hurt or how brutal it is to look at something because there are blind people would give anything out there to be able to see for at least 5 seconds.
  • Never complain about how something annoys you and you don’t want to hear it because there are deaf people out there who would give anything to hear one sound.
  • Never complain about how you don’t want to talk to someone because there are deaf people out there who aren’t able to talk about the things they want to and would give anything to be able to speak their minds.
  • Never complain about getting old because so many people never get the chance to.
  • Never complain about not getting the clothes/toys/etc. that you want because there are so many people less fortunate who are grateful to get something as simple as a dollar or some fries.
  • Never complain about not being able to hang out with your friends because there are soldiers out there fighting for out rights, safety, and freedom who can’t even come home to be with their families.

I need to stop taking the things I have for granted and learn how to truly appreciate all that I have in life because there are so many other people out there who would give anything to have what I have.


Third parties were not really the reason why so many relationships are ruined. It’s always between the two of you, you and your partner. If he decides to be seduced then let him be but always think about this if your partner really loves you, he’ll care if he cares. He won’t hurt you if he doesn’t want you to be hurt. No matter how beautiful ladies passing in front of him, they’ll never caught his eyes because he’ll be busy looking at you, only you.

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